About Agent Lobster

Agent Lobster is Toby Nelson.

About Lobsters

Lobsters have blue blood1 and live for up to 70 years2. Research suggests they don't slow down or weaken as they get older, but actually become more fertile with age3. As they grow they shed their old exoskeleton to reveal a brand new one underneath. This happens dozens of times during their life. Some species take this opportunity to change their colour. Most lobsters are a mottled dark brown-green (they only turn red when cooked) but a range of other colours exist too. Blue lobsters are extremely rare (1 in 20 million) and rarer still are lobsters whose left side is one colour and right side is another (1 in 50 million).

Lobsters can be found in every ocean of the world, walking on the sea bed or hiding in crevices. They have five pairs of legs4 and several feathery appendages under the abdomen5 that help propel it along the ocean floor. They sniff out food by wafting many tiny hairs found on their two short antennae (not the big ones) - a very sensitive nose. They eat small sea creatures and plants. They originated around 140 million years ago, at the height of the dinosaurs (but thankfully not at the same height as dinosaurs).

1 along with spiders, crabs, and nobility. They all have copper in their blood instead of iron, excepting nobility whose blue blood is idiomatic not chromatic. Vulcans also have copper in their blood, but their blood is green.
2 it's not easy to tell the age of a lobster.
3 sounds good to me.
4 crabs and prawns have ten legs too. They are Decapods.
5 called Swimmerets. This makes them sound like 1950's backing singers: "Lobster and the Swimmerets' album is on the Decapod record label."